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Comments from our Guest Book

09/16/2017 -

"Ken and Elaine, Thank yo so much for having us. This was our 1 year wedding anniversary and the cabin is perfect. Just knowing the story behind you and your family building it together made it even more of a joy to stay. We hope to see ya'll again soon. Thank you"
Chasity & James Payne

09/13/2017 -

"Ken & Elaine Thank you for your hospitality. We had to escape Hurricane Irma on a moments notice and you were nice enough to open your beautiful cabin to our family. Thank you so much!"
Amber, Steve, Kaj&Zena p.s., Tiger

09/04/2017 -

"Ken and Elaine, Thank you so much for such a great visit! This little piece of heaven is a perfect place to enjoy family time, see the animals, and make memories. We will definitely look for the opportunity to find our way back. This cabin is a home away from home tucked into the little town of Maggie Valley. Thanks for our memories! Glenn, Katherine, Jasper, & William Whittington"
Katherine and Glenn Whittington

08/27/2017 -

"Dear Ken & Elaine, Thank you so much for sharing your 'little piece of heaven' with us. We have had such a wonderful time and much needed rest and peace. We hiked to Purchase Knob,great 5-mile hike, a day of rest where we just hung out here! Breakfast every day @ Maggie Valley Restaurant, a great dinner at J Arthur's! So much to see and do but the best part has been this precious cabin. The Lord has truly blessed our time spent here. Thank you and God bless you."
Jonathan & Kay Hodges

08/22/2017 -

"Ken & Elaine Thank you for a wonderful stay. What a great cabin! Hope to be back on day. #Eclipse2017 #PathofTotality"
Lisa and Betsy (Philadelphia,PA)

03/01/2017 -

"Ken & Elaine, Well, here we are again. Another wonderful stay at this special "get away" cabin. We both got a much needed rest from work and home! We will be back!"
Tracie Burton & Beth Berry

12/19/2016 -

"Ken & Elaine We can never thank you enough for giving us a couple of days to just relax. This cabin is our dream home. Each room holds so much personal touch. Just the perfect surprise. This is a time we will never forget. We will be back. Thanks again for sharing and letting us make memories. *Also you just never know how God brings awesome people into your lives. We love the Mosgroves'-McKinley and Marina are very special to us! Until next time!"
Angie and Keith Mariakis
You are so welcome! We also appreciate all that you guys do for our grandkids! They are so blessed to have you in their lives!

12/11/2016 -

"We want to thank everyone who has stayed at the Cabin and has posted wonderful comments. We have 6 years-worth of comments to update, so we thought we would just send out a big Thank You! instead. Hope to see you soon, or again!"
Ken & Elain

01/15/2010 -

"Ken & Elaine,
Thank you so much for allowing your cabin to be enjoyed by others. You have a wonderful, peaceful, little haven here. We both work in retail atmospheres and just needed a getaway to unwind and relax. The valley has a mystique all its own. The only catch us that you have to be willing to listen to the creek,the birds, the wind blowing through the trees, the soft patter of rain on the leaves,porch and roof,and the steady rain throughout the night that plays a lazy lullaby. This is true relaxation, and this is our draw to the valley. We thank you again and pray for Bod's Blessing on your family and your lovely cabin."
Randy & Katrina Hoyle

12/31/2009 -

"Ken & Elaine,
We loved the cabin and had a blast hanging out with ya'll on New Year's Eve..Blue Moon! it's obvious that you are genuine people with enormous hearts. Thanks for building this great cabin and opening your lives to us. We look forward to coming back again & again!"
The Tanaka's

12/30/2009 -

"Thanks Ken & Elaine,
The cabin was perfect. We look forward to coming back when we can spend more time. Thanks again"
The Oot Family

12/29/2009 -

"Thanks Ken & Elaine
We love your cabin. It feels like home for us and we always have a great time when we come here. this is about 6th or 7th time to come to your cabin and we love it. Hopefully we will be coming back before our trip to Colorado in February. Talk to you soon!"
Chris & Randy Fogg

10/26/2009 -

"Ken & Elaine,
Words can't express the joy it gives us to be able to come and just rest and enjoy your beautiful cabin and the beaudty that surrounds it!
We are very thankful that God gave us some wonderful friends like you-Ken & Elaine, to enjoy our life with. God continues to bless many adults and children through the love that each of you give every day....The Holidays are coming soon---may you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry christmas!! Thanks again for sharing your cabin for another perfect restful getaway! "
Love, Daniel and Betty Hamilton

07/09/2008 -

"We really enjoyed your cabin. The sounds of the creek and the birds were so relaxing. We will be back."
Olin & Shirly North, Mt. Juliet, TN

07/05/2008 -

"Ken & Elaine
This was a wonderful weekend! Your cabin is so beautiful & peaceful. Ken, thank you for being so nice & helpful. Elaine, we are sorry we didn't get to met you this time. Thank you both for letting us enjoy this amazing place, & we plan to come back again! You have the sweetest dog & cat! Take care."
The Simpsons, Burlington, NC
Sorry I missed you, too, guys! Hope you'll come back soon! Elaine

06/09/2008 -

"Ken & Elaine
Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful cabin. Our kids loved it. We hope to have a place of our own up here one day! (The sooner the better!) It's been nice getting away and not having to clean, wash & take off garbage. You've really made this a perfect getaway! God bless you and your family! We hope to come back soon! P.S. We've left a little gift for you guys!"
Tiffany, Robert, Savans, Little Robert

06/05/2008 -

"Ken & Elaine
Thank you again for another lovely stay in your wonderful cabin. it is so relaxing and tranquil. We loth look forward to another visit soon. Take care."
Jack & Karen

05/31/2008 -

"Ken & Elaine
Your beautiful mountain retreat was the perfect "home" away from home for our vacation. We greatly enjoyed the relaxing, welcoming atmosphere of Maggie Valley and would love to return in the future. Thank you for sharing your home with us and if you ever venture to Orlando you will certainly have a place to stay. Thank you again & God bless."
Chris & Kelly

05/27/2008 -

"Ken & Elaine
We thank God for giving us this time to enjoy His beauty and your very special cabin. God tells us to be still and know that I am God. Your dream cabin is just that place to leave behind our very busy life and enjoy God's creation and be reminded of His greatness, power and majesty. We really enjoyed our stay and can't wait to returyn this Fall. God bless."
David & Betty

04/28/2008 -

"Elaine & Ken
Thanks so much for the cabin. We had a wonderful time. Chester is sweet but I don't think he likes Harley's! P.S. I love the Cabin"
The Pinkerton's

04/05/2008 -

"Elaine & Ken
Thanks for sharing your cabin with us. the kids loved the river & looked forward to playing there every day. We really appreciated how comfortable this cabin was and looked forward to coming back here each day after exploring the area. We also liked the location of the cabin, on a quiet hillside - it was very tranquil & private. We think this place is beautiful now, we can only imagine how gorgeous it must be here in the spring, summer & fall. We hate to leave abut we look forward to coming back. Thanks again."
Vince, Amparo, Nico, Santi

03/24/2008 -

"Ken & Elaine
Thank you for sharing your cabin with us. Joey and I have injoyed our time here and are looking forward to another time here."
Joey & Tina Chapel Hill

03/20/2008 -

"Ken & Elaine
Our family simply adores your cabin. We deefinitely had a great time and made it our home away from home. jWe are looking forward to next time. Hopefully the grands will be here so ya'll can come up and we can roast hot dogs and have smores. Thanks for the hospitality! Happy Easter! "
Melissa, Tripp, Realyn, Phoenix

03/08/2008 -

"Hey "Mom & Dad"
I'm Home! Thanks for keeping my 'room' so cool for me! Be back for supper. Gone to find work.(promised 'Dad'!) with Love, your 51 year old 'son' & his old lady, Carmen! All joking aside, you two- only think anyone could ever say about the place or the obvious love put into it is, 'Wow!'"
Jera & Carmen, Jackson, Ms

02/24/2008 -

"The cabin was lovely and very cozy. We enjoyed our weekend getaway. We plan to come back this summer & do a little fishing. Thanks & God bless."
Brad & Wendy

01/21/2008 -

"Dear Ken & Elaine, We have had such a wondeful time here. It's hard to leave. You are probably one of the nicest couples we've ever met and your beautiful, sweet grandchildren were so much fun! This cabin is really a piece of art. You can tell you really put your heart and soul into building it and it's so awesome that you are kind enough to share it w/ others. We will definately make this an annual trip so look forward to getting to know you more years ahead!. We wish you and your family the best, of health, & happiness and many blessings! Thank again, Ken, Elaine, Liam, Shannon, & Sean. We can't wait to return next winter if not sooner! God Bless, Love"
Craig, andrea, Carson, Bryson, & Nana Lea

01/03/2008 -

"Ken & Elaine
Thank you so much for letting us stay in you lovely cabin. This place, it is beautiful. We hope we can come back soon. Thank you again. "
Paula, Eduardo, Brandon, Gabriel and Angel

11/07/2007 -

"Ken & Elaine
We have greatly enjoyed staying here at your at your cozy and beautiful cabin. Thank you so much for welcoming us here. We hope to be back soon. "
Quyen & Johnathan

10/26/2007 -

"Ken & Elaine This is our third stay in your amazing cabin, but our first time to be here for the fall colors. They are even more brilliant than we could have imagined. As usual, coming home to the cabin at the end of each day was picture perfect. Can't wait to come again next year. All our best always,"
Robin, Paul, Alley and Gator

10/14/2007 -

"The cabin was wonderful. It was ALL the adjectives mentioned by others before us AND THEN SOME. What a wonderful gift to share with perfect strangers. May God Bless you and your family in the months & years ahead."
Darren & Kim Rush, Mobile, Al

08/27/2007 -

"Thanks so much for your hospitality while we were at the cabin. You did a great job providing a cozy, comfortable, quiet, and relaxing place for us to celebrate our 50th anniversary. We'll never forget the serenity of the cabin, the creek, the trees and mountains or you! I took lots of pictures so we could re-live this week and hopefully see you again! "
Jimmy and Ann Wilkins

08/18/2007 -

"Thank you so much for a lovely stay in your cabin. Wehad such a relaxing time and enjoyed the peace and tranquility. You can feel the love and time that went into the creativity of the cabin. We look forward to a return visit!"
The Orr Family & Zoe

08/04/2007 -

"Thank you for sharing your cabin with us. It made our stay so very special and enjoyable. We hope to see you again. God Bless and Take Care. "
The Hiers, Vickie, Marolyn, Ted, Darren

07/16/2007 -

"Thanks for letting us stay in your unique cabin with lots of 'character'. Hope we can stay longer next time. God Bless You!"
The Stephens Family

07/04/2007 -

"Ken & Elaine

Thank you so much for allowing our family to stay in your beautiful cabin. We have really enjoyed our time here, and the comfort of your cabin made it a wonderful vacation. Kalie really enjoyed the stream even though it was cold, and the dogs really enjoyed being able to go in the yard without a leash! We are hoping to come back next 4th of July and watch the beautiful fireworks again! Thanks again for your hospitality!"
Brian, Mindy & Kalie

05/12/2007 -

"Ken & Elaine Thanks for letting us use your wonderful little cabin. It let us enjoy our anniversary away but be back to spend Mother's Day with our children. Thanks. It was great! Happy Mother's Day, Elaine."
Mike & Michele

05/07/2007 -

"Psalm 18:30 says it best: "As for God, His way is perfect". This cabin is perfect. Thank you sooo much! We will be back every year as long as the Lord lets us tarry!"
Rev. Joey & Barbara Harrell, Ft. Bragg.

05/02/2007 -

"Dear Ken & Elaine

Our stay in your cabin was pleasant & we appreciate your hospitality and kindness. We thank the Lord most of all for the wonderful week that we spent here. We pray that we will be able to return soon. What a blessing it is to have a cabin in the midst of the landscape that God created with His very Word. We hope that you give Him the Glory for the beauty around you. Romans 10:9&10"
Mike and Desiree
We enjoyed having you, and all the best with your new baby in July!

03/01/2007 -

"Ken & Elaine

What a wonderful "dream cabin". We enjoyed all the thought & creativity you put into it! It was a great weekend away to appreciate God's creation and the rest He gives! Hope to be back soon!"
Brian & Susan

02/16/2007 -

"Thank you so much for the use of your beautiful cabin. We had a wonderful weekend. Our time here has been a great break from our busy work week. We enjoyed the peace and tranquility, and the beauty of the fresh fallen snow. We thank you for the opportunity to stay in your cabin, and we thank God for the snow and the beauty of the mountains that are all around us. God Bless You! "
Randy & Katrina

01/21/2007 -

"Thank you for the use of your cabin. It was the perfect place to get away. We both needed a relaxing break from busy lives. Your cabin was perfect and we hope to use it again in the near future. We hope you and your guests enjoy the new journal we left you. Thanks!"
Mitchell & Amy
Thanks guys, for the journal. We're glad you enjoyed your stay and hope to see you soon. Our old journal is filling up fast and we appreciate your contributions to all the testimonials!

12/28/2006 -

"Thank you for the cabin. We spent Christmas in the cabin. The bed was very relaxing & comfortable. We slept like a log. We enjoyed our stay tremendously. Thanks!"
The Norte family

11/05/2006 -

"Thank you for letting us use your cabin. We had a great time and we look forward to coming back again. Thanks!"
Scott & Kathryn

10/13/2006 -

"Thank You Ken & Elaine for sharing your dream cabin with us. OUr children enjoyed the hammock & we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in "a piece of heaven in Maggie Valley". Thanks again."
Bhaskai family

08/17/2006 -

"Ken & Elaine,

I don't think we could begin to explain how happy we are to have found your beautiful cabin. The sound of the creek while we slept was so peaceful. The settiing is perfect. We love it here! We will be back for sure. Thanks for everything."
Gary & Sharon

08/06/2006 -

"Thanks for letting us stay in your wonderful, peaceful retreat. Everything was perfect!"
Byron & Katie

05/28/2006 -

"Thanks guys!

This is beginning to become a pleasant habit. We love it! Thanks for the hospitality! We'll see you in July."
Jim, Gayle, Bruski & Peanut

05/20/2006 -

"Ken & Elaine

Thank you for another perfect vacation last year.We only stayed 4 days, but this year we stayed a whole week. It was like coming home. Your cabin makes the mountains even more magical. We love it here. See you next year. All our best always."
Robin, Paul, Ally, & Gator

03/31/2006 -

"Ken and Elaine

Had a great time!! Really enjoyed the rain, made thins quite cozy. Will call to reserve again. "
Gayle, Jim,Peanut & Brewski

01/15/2006 -

"Ken & Elaine

Our stay could not have been better!! What a treat to wake up to snow Saturday morning. Your cabin is lovely. Very cozy & comfortable. We definitely will plan a return trip very soon. Thank you again. "
Niel & Tracy, Skippers, Virginia

12/31/2005 -

"Ken & Elaine

Thanks for opening your cabin to us. We had so much fun hiking up the mountain & the kids really enjoyed the creek. It was such a warm comfortable place to come back to after long days of skiing w/ 3 kids!"
Hank, Amy, Payton, Camille
These folks were from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

12/09/2005 -

"Ken & Elaine

People come to the mountains for the view, but it is people like you that make us want to stay. Thank you for everything."
Rober, Diane & Lee

11/21/2005 -

"Dear Ken and Elaine,

We loved the cabin! It offered a cozy and comfortable place to come home to after our days adventures. The cabin has plenty of privacy and is very reasonably priced. We will definately recommend it to our friends back in Atlanta, Georgia!"
April and Greg

10/30/2005 -

"Ken & Elaine,

You have a beautiful place. It feels like hOme. We loved it! We will be back!"
Ed & Debbie & Maddison

10/16/2005 -

"Thank you so much for the use of your cute,
cozy cabin! We enjoyed our visit and hope to return soon! "
Bill, Brenda & Barney

10/10/2005 -

"Ken & Elaine,

Thanks! God put you in our path and we're so thankful he did. We really enjoyed our stay; the peace and tranquility was great. I pray God will continue to bless you're lives as it appears he already has."
Al and Julie
(This couple had driven up from Mississippi and had been searching Maggie Valley for several hours for a place to stay)

09/25/2005 -

"This cabin is so awesome! We enjoyed the week. We had such a wonderful time here! Thanks."
Chuck and Jan

09/18/2005 -

"Elaine and Ken,

Wow, what a beautiful place. We had a great time. The cabin is amazing and I can't wait to share the pics with my friends and family. I hope to make a yearly trip to Maggie Valley and can't wait to stay in the Cabin again!"
Rob and Carmen

07/31/2005 -

"We enjoyed our stay at your lovely cabin! Thanks!"
Donna and Tim

07/18/2005 -

"Dear Ken & Elaine,

This place is so magical. We had a fantastic time. You thought of everything. This was by far our favorite Maggie Valley vacation. We are planning a return trip and can't wait to come back here. This place is a ‘little slice of heaven’."
Robin, Paul, ally & gator

07/13/2005 -

"Dear Elaine & Ken,

Thank you so much for the use of your cabin. We enjoyed the peace and the boys loved romping around at the creek. Hope to be back next summer!"
Kathleen & Joe

06/25/2005 -

"Dear Elaine & Ken,

We fell in love with your cabin the moment we pulled in the driveway. When we opened the front door of the cabin, the warm glow of the fireplace greeted us and we were in awe of all the personal touches you've added to make it instantly feel like a home away from home. We would like to thank you for your kindness and for making our honeymoon week extra special. We can't wait to return to such a special place!"
Tammy & Steve
These nice folks left a wonderful photo album of their experience here for all to enjoy. Thanks Tammy & Steve!

10/23/2003 -

"Thank you very much for a wonderful time here in Maggie Valley! This cabin is so cozy, nestled in the mountains. We will definitely come back to enjoy its warmth & comfort."
Michael, Rebecca & Megan Griggs

03/28/2003 -

"Thanks guys!! We are in AWE!! This is a beautiful, special place we look forward to seeing ALOT of!!"
Julie, Donna, Alex and Katie

03/26/2003 -

"Thanks so much for opening your cabin to us. We were so impressed with the cabin, and can't wait to come back next year. Thanks again for a great weekend!!!"
Jeremy, Christi, & Kaitlyn Henry

"Ken & Elaine

As we told you, your cabin is wonderful! We look forward to Labor Day weekend & the winter to spend more time here. You both are delightful hosts...see you soon!"
Bob & Rose

"Dear Elaine & Kenny

Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in your beautiful cabin. I know how much effort and heart you have put into this place. We hope to get back this way again. Hope you can find a place for the wind chime!"
Carla & Wayne
Thank you! Yes, the beautiful chime you gave us hangs on the porch..gently tinkling in the wind.

Ken & Elaine
Ron and Amy lived in The Cabin from November 1, 2003 until July 6, 2004, while they were waiting for their new house to be built. They commented that it was ‘wonderful’. They said the gas log stove was ‘just right’, and that they were very comfortable the whole season. We wish them much happiness in their new home!

"Ken and Elaine,

We so thoroughly enjoyed your cabin for the last six months. Late fall/winter/early spring are beautiful times in your mountains. And, it was a great base from which to explore the many treasures that western North Carolina boasts -- Asheville -- the many waterfalls -- Waynesville -- Cherokee -- the Blue Ridge Parkway -- the Great Smoky Mountains -- the Pisgah National forest -- Cataloochee -- Black Mountain -- Cashiers -- Highlands -- Dillsboro -- Hendersonville -- Hot Springs and I could go on. All within an hour and a half and most much less. And we were always warm and snug during the colder months and slept wonderfully in the queen size bed.

We also enjoyed getting to know both of you and the family and look forward to coming back as we embark upon locating in western North Carolina -- either permanently or for a second home."
Bob & Rose

"Dear Ken and Elaine, Thank you for sharing your beautiful cabin with us. It made our trip extra special. We look forward to coming back soon. May God Bless You."
Jimmy, Betty, and Snowball Smith